Mar 25, 2011

Threadfest 2011!

Attention Nashville Crafters!

Threadfest is going on this weekend and you really need to be there!

Imagine a place where you can buy all kinds of sewing supplies, knitting supplies, patterns, beads, buttons, embroidery thread and hoops, and crafting books at yard sale prices! Yes, this dream can come true at Threadfest in Nashville! I literally just found out about it this past Wednesday through Ms. Cheap.

What it really is: An event held twice a year (spring and fall) that is hosted by the lovely ladies at the Knowles Fifty Forward Center
It is open to the public TODAY [Friday, March 25, 8-2pm] and TOMORROW [Saturday, March 26, 8-12pm]. For $10 I was able to attend the pre-sale last night. [note* apparently you want to attend the pre-sale. The ladies at the register were saying Friday and Saturday are usually a zoo]
All the money goes directly back to the center to provide activities for the senior citizens.

I had so much fun can you tell? I think I was the youngest one there but those ladies were awesome...especially the two little ol' ladies that cut some fabric for me! They were a hoot! There was also a little table with snacks and drinks [including wine!]. 

Awesome deals included: 10 patterns for $1, embroidery hoops for $.50-1, fabric anywhere from $1-5/yd., baggies of notions for $.50, yarn and knitting needles, all kinds of books for $1, fill up a bag of fabric scraps for $1, 4 embroidery flosses for $1, 5 spools of ribbon for $1. 

Go and be prepared to look through tables and tables of fabric, bags and bags of little notions, boxes and boxes of patterns, and several little inflatable swimming pools of fabric scraps. Also bring lots of money and your re-usable bags too!

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  1. oh man i wanted to go so bad. but after going through my craft room and seeing how much stuff i have, i need to use some up before i get more. but i'll be there in the fall!


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