Mar 23, 2011

"on vacation"

Last week the ever adventurous husband and I traveled North to explore Michigan and Chicago, for family and fun.
We love making this trip because it means several things.
1. Road trip candy and snacks
2. Stopping in Indianapolis


A little help from an iced chai latte and my favorite sour punch straws
Aaron and I have this crazy love for this one spot in Indianapolis. There's a little strip of about 4 awesome stores on Massachusetts Ave. that we wander through to stretch our legs. Usually, we just go in the starbucks on the corner but this time we found a local coffee shop called Henry's
The drip coffee was just what I needed-strong. Even though Aaron didn't really care for it we both agreed it was better than starbucks. Then we walked down the block to our favorite shops.
At Home in the City...all kinds of fun, unique, crafty things.

I loved the bottle garland [to hang in front of a window!] and the Yarn Bombing book! I also wanted the Gnome salt and pepper shakers they had and the portable fondue for two set and just about everything else in the store. 
Some of the other shops we stop in are Global Gifts, Luna Music, Three Dog Bakery, & Mass Ave Toys.
Then we headed to Michigan which needs it's own post.

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