Mar 30, 2011


Like many, I have a strange facination for collections. There's something wonderful about a grouping of the same or similar objects. What do you collect? 

When I was younger it was Barbie Dolls. Then in High School it grew to notebooks used as diaries and list makers. Now that I'm older I gravitate toward heart shaped leaves, vintage cameras, craft supplies, and tickets of memorable events. Together, my husband and I collect soil from wherever we have traveled and keep it in little jars on the kitchen windowsill.

I just recently started accumulating vintage portraits. In Chicago Aaron and I ducked into a shop called Vintage Underground where I bought about 7 vintage black and white poloroids of just some interesting and fabulous ladies. I don't know where I'll put them yet or if I'll frame them or not. How do you store your collections? Once I figure out how to show them, I'll let you know :)

All photos can be found on my Pinterest

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  1. i collect vintage pictures with dogs in them. i bought some inexpensive black shadow boxes at micheals to display them in and i LOVE how it looks. you can still see the character of the old prints and they look good grouped like that.


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