Jun 13, 2011

The Preservation Station

A part of me wants to keep this gem secret and all to myself. But it is just TOO good not to share! The Preservation Station here in Nashville is full to the brim with antique hardware, windows, doors, and other delightful treasures. If you are drawn to shabby chic decor then you will love this place. I couldn't believe all the beautiful and old pieces I was coming across.

Real deal antique door knobs...as in, not made to look antique!

Beautiful old doors and enchanting iron pieces

That window stole my heart/Two walls covered in antique door plates=new collection!

I'm super excited about my newest collection, antique door knob and key plates. These beauties are so unique. Some are really intricate while others are more plain. I loved how each one was different with chipped paint and other aging signs. An employee was telling me the names of some of the designs and that some of the plates date back to the early 1900's! That's one thing I really appreciated about my experience there was how knowledgeable the staff was! They're really into antiques! I bought my first plate and plan keep adding to my collection on a regular basis.

Discovered via 365 Nashville

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  1. awesome! i've never heard of that place! we will definitely have to check it out!


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