May 3, 2011

Community Care Project

Happy May friends!

I'm excited to talk about a little project I've started called Community Care. Just recently I've discovered that a lot of my overall purchases are made at big box stores. Thinking about it, this isn't how I want to spend my hard earned money at all.

So my dears, this May and continuing through the summer I'm challenging myself [and you too kind of] to spread my money around and produce growth in smaller, locally owned businesses around Nashville and other places I visit. I realize it would have made more sense to start this last month in April which is Earth month but honestly, I hadn't thought about it.

Today, husband brought home bagels from our favorite local bagel shop, Star Bagel. We've had lunch at local 50's diner joint and plan to buy dog treats at a local holistic pet shop. Honestly, we already regularly enjoy and frequent local, independent stores but I'd just like to ex out commercial chains completely. For the next few months I'll talk about the project here and the challenges I come across. I'll also highlight the awesome things too :)

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  1. I'm working on this. Had to rethink shopping today but found things I need/wanted in local shops for the same prices or close to them. A few extra pennies to keep a local business going is worth it. It takes work to rethink not going to the easy store and search out the local store but I'm glad I did. Thanks for the challenge. Caryn


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