May 13, 2011

color wheel

Happy Friday everyone!
This week has gone by super fast hasn't it? I have some fun plans to celebrate Husband's graduation! yay! I'm equally excited about these juicy and colorful pins that happen to be my favorites of the week. So much color and beauty I can't resist putting them all together in one palette.
A special thanks to Enid at the Pinterest blog for posting the lash+art board I created last week!
I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

1. Pink and purple canyons via Erin Loechner/2. Lemonade Cake via Victoria/3. /4. Strawberry Shortcake via Angela/5. Thread via Mary Beth Burrell/6. Tangerine Palette via Kelley Shangle by Erin Jang /7. Oranges via Whiteonricecouple

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