Apr 27, 2011

Pillow Talk

So last week I mentioned how my Mother-in-law and I are learning how to sew slip covers for our couches. My couch is currently a beige-ish color and once the slip cover is done it will transform into a clean ivory shade. I'd love some new pillows for it. Can you guess what I'm thinking?
C O L O R !!!
 I love the look of crisp, airy, white interiors but I just can never do it! I love color too much and I'm dreaming about all the wonderful pillows to put on my newly covered couch.

After doing a little search, here are some lovely pillows I've found all over the internet. Of course I want them all. Finding some kind of harmony between all the prints and patterns will be difficult. Hopefully my budget will help me, no?
Are you a color freak like me? Or do you lean towards cleaner, lighter shades? 

*special note: This week I am touch and go here on Little Plum. A dear friend is in town for Husband's graduation! yay! I am so proud of all of his hard work in bringing his undergraduate career to a close!

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