Apr 19, 2011

Four for Fido

I've always been an animal lover but it wasn't until Husband and I got our very own dog that I became that kind of pet owner. You know, the kind that spoils their dog rotten, talks to them like they're a human being, and even talks for the dog in how you think they'd respond. I love my dog Apple. She is literally the apple of my eye! 
Since she is over 80 pounds I've had to find some durable toys and accessories for her. Above are recommendations I'd give to anyone with a large breed dog. Number two is still on my wishlist, or I mean, Apple's wishlist!!


  1. Hey fellow animal lover! <---crazy dog mom right here. This is a great little list. We have a furminator, too! I feel like our dogs still shed just as much though, lol.

  2. Oh my gosh I know! I have to vacuum at least once a week to get all the furballs and still the next day I'll see little pieces floating around. The Monster mouth is awesome though because you can hide treats inside and it will entertain my dog for a while!


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