Mar 28, 2011

Favorite Finds: Chicago

Just a few of my favorite places and things from our stay in Chicago...

Quimy's Bookstore-- A quirky little bookstore full of local artist zines and interesting books. I found this little flip book that totally looks like something I'd want to make in pursuit of becoming acquainted with a new home city. Aaron was excited about his purchase of some "mystery grab-bags" of random comic books and periodicals.

Wormhole Coffee-- Ok, I'll just be straightforward and tell you that you NEED to visit this coffee shop. It's full of 80's movie memoribillia complete with a DeLorean in one of the corners. The Yelp reviews warn of swarming hipsters but I have to say, out of the several coffee shops we visited, this was the best damn vanilla latte I've ever had!

The Chicago Cultural Center: "Finding Vivian Maier"-- I was pretty adamant about seeing this show after all the hype it's been getting. As I've said before, Vivian Maier's photos are without a doubt stunning. In person they were even better. Here's Aaron looking at one of my favorite prints.

Una Mae's--Stopped in this boutique due to a friend's recommendation. The clothes were lovely and so springy and just a tad out of my price range but still lovely to dream about. I found this beautiful locally made handbag. The inside was lined with deep purple suede. I really really wish I had written down the etsy seller's name so I could give credit and also look at the shop!

Renegade Handmade--This shop was on my must visit list and oh my I was in Heaven right when I walked in. Every single item-handmade with love. I saw so many prints, screen printed tea cloths, candles and an Ira Glass finger puppet too! Even though it was hard to narrow down my selection, I left with some YessJess knitted ear warmers and Aaron picked out a felted pin to put on his camera strap.

Other places we loved: Lula Cafe, Piece, Veerasway, Vintage Underground

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