Jan 9, 2010

cutest DIY guest goodie bags

This idea is absolutely precious/time saving/money saving/a must do!!!

I know there are many ladies out there want to save money in all the right places when it comes to a wedding. Giving little thank you gifts to the out of town guests is kind of one those things you can forget these days and no one will notice. THIS idea can still allow you to give [if you want] while still save the money! I love when you can find happiness in both worlds :)

Little sewing kits are always handy. I make sure to keep one on me whenever I travel because who knows when you'll need to repair that popped button! And c'mon, everyone loves to snack. But you don't have to put sweet treats in those bags you could fill them with other things-be creative!

Also, I just love it when templates are already online and available.
Thanks to Ruffled and Two Brunettes for this lovely idea!

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