Jun 28, 2009

traveling polaroids

When Aaron first showed me Mikael Kennedy's polaroids I was amazed. I continually am wow'ed every time he posts new photos of where he has been and what he has seen through the eye of the polaroid. Please please visit his blog and you'll see more and find that you keep clicking "older posts."


  1. C-

    I don't mind at all, thanks for spreading the word. Most of the work is shot with Polaroids 779 film, although some (like the picture of the people walking on their reflections) is shot with expired Time Zero film. Basically I will use anything that will work in an SX70 camera.

    hope you are well,

  2. Wow, his polaroids are like paintings! I can see them ust dripping with smudgy chalk from a watery pastel scene. These are lovely. There just isn't any substitute for the real thing...take that photoshop!

    Oh, and I loved your little outfit on Pennyweight. I think I should take you shopping with me.


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