May 27, 2009

DIY tin travel candle

Candle to go please!
Sweet tin candles made from Design*Sponge...they never cease to make the ordinary look chic and fabulous!

What You’ll Need:

  1. altoids tins
  2. candle wicks
  3. wax (i used microwaveable soy wax from a craft store)
  4. mod podge (a glue/sealant available at craft stores. it is non-toxic and inflammable
  5. decorative paper
  6. pencil
  7. scissors
  8. paint brush
  9. wax coloring or scents (optional)


  1. clean the altoids tin thoroughly.
  2. trace the top and bottom on your paper and carefully cut out shapes.
  3. measure the width of the sides for the top and bottom. for the bottom, measure to the bumps on the front side where the top and bottom connect. (my altoids tin is .25 in and .5 in thick) and cut a long strip in each width.
  4. separate the top and bottom of the tin. spread a layer of mod podge around the rim of the bottom tin and wrap the strip around. press down and cut off any excess paper. smooth down the edges with your fingers to wipe off any extra glue.
  5. spread mod podge on the flat base of the tin and place the paper over it. smooth out any bumps and snip around the sides to clean the edges.
  6. repeat with the top of the tin. you can cover the holes and bumps and then cut them off later.
  7. when the papers are all attached, paint a thin layer of mod podge over all of the papered part of the the tins. this smooths the edges and seals the paper to protect it.
  8. let dry completely and reattach the two pieces. clean any glue off the inside of the tin with a paper towel and soap.
  9. glue the wicks onto the base.
  10. heat the wax and pour to directly below the hinges in the back.
  11. let the wax dry. trim the wicks.
  12. if you want, you can attach a small pack of matches to the inside of the top lid so you always have a light!
You're Done!!!

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