Apr 25, 2009

my babies part two!

Here's what I've been working on the past month or so!! I'm so happy that everything has been growing so nicely : ) I started all of my flowers and herbs from seeds and have been whispering sweet nothings to them every morning while I water them and see how they're doing : D

The sweet peas seem to be really strong

Anyone know anything about poppies? You can see that they have grown but seem to be very tiny and weak. I hope they will last since poppies are some of my favorites.

The lupine pot was a little too big for the window sill and fell over and I gave up on anything growing. But look what's popping it's little head up for sunlight right there! A little tiny green friend : )

My original three babies [cilantro, lavender, and chamomile] are growing quite nicely!! The cilantro is looking more like cilantro with the curly edges.

The white cup holds parsley.

So, once they start really growing up I'll transfer them to a basket and start growing some of the other seeds I have. 
Have you been gardening? Please let me know and we can share tips!!

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