Apr 27, 2009

inspiration overload

Erin posted an interesting video today over at Design For Mankind that I want to share with you. She posts regular "dialogue" videos where she picks a topic and asks a couple artists to share what their thoughts are on the topic. Today's topic was about blogs and how to balance them all. 
Since I've started delving deeper into this world of blogging I have come across many feelings. I have a genuine excitement for everything I find and post. I love how people are so creative and think of things that I couldn't even dream of. It's so exciting that I want to blog and blog and blog some more about what I find. 
Then there are days when I'm just feeling bogged down by it all. It is so overwhelming that I just want to shut my computer off and pretend it isn't there. 
I think it's important to find a balance. I can't obviously spend all day on the computer right? What kind of life would that be?? Turning it off is OK. But being inspired in life is a beautiful thing too. 
Tell me, what are you thoughts? Do you also feel that inspiration overload? How do you balance it?

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