Apr 14, 2009

Fusing plastic bags

Ever wonder what to do with all those pesky plastic bags? Sure you could recycle them, but why not make something special out of them?

Learn how to fuse plastic bags together!
This is a great way to reuse plastic and be creative. How cute is Betz White's orange octopus with the Target signs behind him? Also, I don't know about you but I'm super picky about how long handles are on bags. I like them longer so I can sling it over my shoulder. That Macy's bag would be perfect! So, you can make the perfect size for you and whatever you want to carry in it.

what you need: plastic bags, an iron, scissors, and parchment paper or freezer paper

this tutorial shows a detailed step-by-step process of fusing the bags together.

here is another picture tut.


Maybe during the summer I can dedicate a day to making a few of my own bags?!

Happy fusing!
[via craftzine]

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