Apr 28, 2009


Hey! So this week started off with a wonderful surprise. The ever lovely Denise of Freshly Found awarded me with a Kreativ Blogger award! How cool!! Congrats to her and her award and I feel so honored that this little baby blog of mine is growing and growing into something I am proud of and that people can enjoy and feel inspired by  : )

Now it is my turn to share with you 7 things I love plus 7 Kreativ blogs!

1. waking up to a wonderfully grey day
2. random expressions of love
3. palm trees (and general west coast weather)
4. ranunculus flowers
5. cuddly dogs

6. things that make me think I'm living in Mexico or Spain
7. getting coffee with my boyfriend

I pass it on to:


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  1. I've enjoyed your faves. Funny, I usually enjoy waking up to a grey day too.


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