Apr 10, 2009

All lit up!

There are just too many cool things to make in this world!!
I've literally been going crazy finding all of these amazing lights that you can make. Last month I shared some unique lamps and lanterns made out of all sorts of things like legos and egg cartons.
This month Crafter-holic! has found a few more things to do with lights...

Looks like you only need an afternoon plus a few items like store bought lanterns

and presto! A cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the back yard (or inside!)

Second, Origami box covers for christmas lights from Thrifty Fun
All you need is a stack of colorful squares of paper and some folding-ready fingers!

I just love the simplicity of the boxes. What's great is you could do any color theme for these...black and white, rainbow, christmas, Fourth of July, the list goes on. I'd really like to experiment with different shapes too. 

If you create any of your own please be sure to let me know how they turned out!!

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