Feb 4, 2009

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A while back I had mentioned that I would like to start working with paper more. I've always been intrigued by paper sculptures and other creations. 

The other day the ladies over at free people posted a blog about the Chanel Couture Spring 2009 show. I was amazed at what I saw! 
Besides beautiful clothes, Lagerfeld teamed up with Japanese hairdresser,Katsuya Kamo, to create stunning paper hats. "Paper roses, camellias, leaf fronds, and feathers" were cut and constructed out of white or black paper. 
Here are a few photos that fp posted [via Style.com]. I do not have photoshop and thought these were already great examples...

Stunning! I also stumbled across this photo (found here) made by Kamo and couldn't resist sharing it.

Another artist who works with paper is Moscow/London based Yulia Brodskaya.

Go check out her other creations at her website. They're so intricate and colorful! If I met her I'd ask her how long it takes to make them.

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