Feb 17, 2009

Knitting socks

I recently just knit my very first sock!!
It was pretty challenging but I feel like I can overcome any knit sock now! 

It turned out smaller than I'd hoped. It ended up fitting only on my 3 year old brother! But it still looked great and comfy : )
This is just a plain stockinette sock knit with 4 US6 dpns. 
Since I did not have a pattern I was following, I used the sites/videos below to help along the way.
Next I am trying a real sock with smaller needles, thinner yarn, and... a pattern!!

1. Not very good visually, but still some good directions to follow on these videos by expert village
2. Knit Witch-Turning the heal
3. Knit Witch-Kitchener stitch
4. Silver's Sock Class (helped a lot!!)
5. Pattern (used very loosely)

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