Oct 23, 2008

from seed to flower

I decided to spring from one subject to the next, even if a bit corny, and talk about floral arrangements.
I am, and I'm sure you are, familiar with the "pretty" arrangements that make sense. You know, each flower fits perfectly with the other and..well..it kind of looks perfect (some even seem to have this "grandma-y" feel).

There are times when a "perfect" bouquet goes a long way. Then there are times when you just want to make a statement by branching out. Perhaps there are a couple ways to do this...

I recently received a dozen red roses. Instead of cutting the stems all the same length I broke the dozen up into thirds and cut them different lengths. The lengths aren't too drastic but now when I look at my roses there's a nice height variation among them. Just a little something, you know?

Something else that has stood out are in the pictures below...

This gives a "wildflower meets rose" vibe. Not too stuffy but not completely woodsy. 

Using Mason jars (or really any jars) as vases has become a new favorite for me. I recently put a few mum buds into an old jar I had. 

And this lovely thing (as I don't know what else to call it) kind of makes me think "??!!!". It is so strange and outrageous and forward and whimsicle that I can't help but love it (even if it looks like my backyard in a vase).

[photos from Stylemepretty.com]

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